Garnet cabochon tie pin

Victorian tie pin for men, set with a red-wine garnet framed by diamond. Jewel for a wedding to worn on a tie.


Garnet cabochon tie pin in 18 karat pink gold. A cabochon-cut almandine garnet decorates the upper part of the pin. The stone has a lovely wine-red colour, slightly pink. Four rose-cut diamonds surround the garnet. Jewel from the victorian period.

Eagle head hallmark

Height: 6.6 cm
Height of the motif: 1.6 cm
Width of the motif: 1.2 cm

Estimated weight of the garnet: 2.30 carats

Note: slight default on the back of the stone, it probably comes from an inclusion that was detached from the stone during the cutting. 

Weight : 3 gr

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victorian tie pin for men wedding jewelry garnet and diamond

Garnet cabochon tie pin