French Victorian pansy pin

French stick pin from the 19th century , from Normandy, representing an enamelled gold pansy.


French Victorian pansy pin in 18 karats pink gold. The stick pin takes the shape of a flower with seven petals. In the center a blue enamelled pansy is surrounded by a frieze of golden dots on a blue background. Gold in filigree forms the inside parts of the petals of the flower. Two leaves come on either side of the stem. Normandy, regional dress jewel, early 19th century, circa 1830. France.

Eagle’s hallmark

Height: 5.2 cm
Width: 1,8 cm

Note: movable pin, in good condition, safety buckle.
Condition: small oxidations, scratches of use. 

Weight : 1,75 gr

Historical point: pins usually larger, were also used to hold the scarf, shawl or kerchief. Around 1850-1860 we seen them being replaced by round or square brooches, industrially produced and less fragile. The pansy pin were sold in seaside resorts on the armoricain coast as souvenirs jewels bought by tourists.

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victorian pansy pin in gold

French Victorian pansy pin