Antique enamel dog ring

Antique ring decorated with a dog running on a black background. Antique gold ring from the end of the 19th century.


Antique enamel dog ring in rose gold 18 karats. Antique French ring decorated with an enamelled cartouche representing a dog in full race. It is enamelled in white on a black background. In the iconography of sentimental jewelry the dog is the symbol of fidelity in love, it was very popular on the jewels of this time. The ring’s band has decorative chasing on the shoulders. French Victorian antique ring, circa 1860.

Finger size : 54 EU or 7 US (can be resized)

Cartridge size : 5.5 mm x 8 mm
Ring width : 3.7 mm

Condition: scratches from use, ring with patina

Weight : 1.93 gr

**The antique box is not sold with the item**

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antique dog enamel ring in gold

Antique enamel dog ring