Retro period

The Retro period follows the Second World War which put an end to the Art Deco period. In the absence of stones and large fortunes ready to spend a lot, French jewelers launch collections rich in metal: yellow gold is in the spotlight. This is the appearance of the famous bracelets and rings tanks. These jewels are inspired by the chains of military tanks and often mix yellow and pink gold.

It is also the appearance of cocktail rings: big and high rings, with imposing stones but not very expensive at the time. Thus citrine, amethyst and smoky quartz have a nice place in the jewelry of the Retro period. Find the selection of Maison Mohs for the jewels of these years 40 to 60.


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  • collier perles de culture en orcollier perles de culture fermoir en or

    Three-strand pearl necklace with 18-karat white gold and diamond clasp (750 hallmarked). This vintage “American-style” necklace features three strands of cascading white cultured pearls. The necklace is adorned with an 18-karat white gold clasp in the shape of a knot, fully set with round brilliant-cut, baguette-cut, and 8/8-cut diamonds (33 diamonds in total). The main diamond weighs 0.10 carats. Each strand consists of 63, 69, and 77 pearls, respectively. Dating back to the 1970s, made in France.

    Hallmarks: Eagle’s head (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold), 750 (indicating 18-karat gold), and maker’s mark.

    Length: 48.5 cm
    Clasp dimensions: 16 x 20 mm

    Estimated total diamond weight: 0.61 carat
    Pearl diameters: 5 mm (minimum) to 8.5 mm (maximum)

    Note: The clasp features an 18-karat white gold safety chain. The necklace has been restrung.
    Condition: Slight damage to one pearl near the clasp.

    Weight: 86.40 gr

  • bague émeraudes diamants en orEmerald diamond ring

    Cluster emerald diamond ring in 18 karat rose gold (750) and Silver. Impressive marquise-shaped ring composed of three tiers, each set with emeralds and diamonds. The center of the ring is set with an emerald cut in an emerald shape with stepped facets. The emerald is surrounded by a set of 12 rose-cut diamonds and 14 round emeralds. The ring is richly adorned with scrolls at the basket level, and the ring’s shoulders are adorned with a leaf motif. Antique ring, circa 1930, likely of Italian origin.

    Owl and swan hallmark (French State hallmarks for 18 karat gold)
    Finger Size: 55 EU or 7.25 US (resizable)

    Estimated Weight of Central Emerald: 0.38 carats
    Total Estimated Emerald Weight: 1.36 carats
    Total Estimated Diamond Weight: 0.12 carats

    Condition: Vintage setting, signs of wear

    Weight: 7.49 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague en or et diamantbague diamant solitaire en or

    Solitaire engagement ring in 18-karat white gold (750) and platinum. This ring features a brilliant-cut diamond weighing 0.10 carats, secured by eight prongs. The setting is adorned with a decorative pattern of radiating points around the diamond. This Retro ring hails from around 1940 and was crafted in Lyon, France.

    Eagle’s head and dog’s head, along with the maker’s mark of Alphonse Moussière, an active jeweler in Lyon since 1902.

    Finger size: 53 EU or 6.25 US (resizable).

    Diameter of the setting: 9 mm.

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.10 carat.

    Condition: Minor signs of wear.

    Weight: 3.51 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague art deco diamanttank diamond ring in gold

    Wavy diamond tank ring in 18 karat (750) rose gold and platinum. The ring is adorned with 14 rose-cut diamonds set on a platinum base, arranged in two rows. The ring creates a voluminous wave-like pattern. This tank ring is from the Retro period, circa 1940, in France.

    Eagle’s head hallmark (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Ring size: 57 EU or 8 US (resizable).

    Ring head width: 13 mm.

    Condition: Normal signs of wear.

    Weight: 8.56 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

    Jewellery history: Retro jewellery is characterised by the use of yellow gold, the development of 3-D volumes and the rarity of precious stones. Here we have a perfect example of such jewellery: a large volume. The Second World War had a considerable impact on jewellery fashion at the time, sweeping aside the Art Deco taste for ‘white’, geometric ‘flat’ and abundant gemstones.

  • antique signet ring in goldbague chevalière en or 18k

    Vintage garnet signet ring in 18k gold (750). This ring features an oval faceted garnet in a closed setting at its center. The ring’s shank is adorned with fine gadroons on the shoulders and along the body, giving it the appearance of a signet ring. The stone has a beautiful deep red color. This vintage signet ring is from around 1970.

    Hallmarks: “750” inside the ring and maker’s mark GB.

    Ring Size: 53.5 EU or 6.5 US (resizable).

    Garnet Weight: 2 carats.

    Condition: Surface scratches from normal wear.

    Weight: 3.79 gr

  • pendentif camée corailantique coral cameo pendant Out of Stock

    Coral cameo pendant in 18 karat rose gold (750 ). This pendant features a coral cameo depicting the bust of an anciently dressed woman wearing a diadem. The coral exhibits an intense orange color. The cameo is from the late 19th century, with a 20th-century gold mount.

    Hallmark: Partially worn eagle head (french state hallmark for 18 karat gold)

    Dimensions: 30 x 13 mm

    Condition: The coral has a small hole in the upper part (natural to the gem), and there are some usage-related scratches.

    Weight: 2.26 gr

    Gemology Note: Coral is an organic gemstone. Only the calcareous branched trunks of certain corals are used in jewelry. Its color comes from organic pigments close to carotene, ranging from blood-red to white, with shades of angel skin pink. Traditionally, coral necklaces were often given to young children to protect them from illness. Coral was believed to have protective qualities, especially in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Italy and Corsica.

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*

  • ruby gold diamond flaskobjet décoratif urne vase ancien

    Ruby diamond gold bottle vase with 18k yellow gold setting. This small covered pot is intricately carved from a ruby root and features a mount made of 18k yellow gold on the neck, lid, and base. The neck and base are adorned with a frieze set with 32 diamonds of varying cuts (a mix of old and brilliant cuts). This is a decorative object from the 20th century with foreign craftsmanship. It is stamped with the owl hallmark.

    Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 cm

    Estimated weight of the ruby: 1050 carats
    Total estimated diamond weight: 0.32 carats

    Note: This vase comes with a certificate issued by the Public Service for the Control of Diamonds, Fine Pearls, and Gemstones, dated September 21, 1998.

    Weight: 208.11 gr

  • 0,7 ct diamond gold ringbague diamant tank en or et platine

    0.70 ct diamond tank ring in 18 karat solid gold and platinum, with a substantial geometric design, typical of the Retro period. This ring features a round brilliant-cut diamond weighing approximately 0.70 carats, held in a platinum setting. Retro period ring, circa 1950.

    Finger size: 59 EU or 8.75 US (resizable)

    Ring width: 6 to 12 mm
    Ring head dimensions: 12 x 15 mm

    Diamond details

    Shape and Cut: Round Brilliant
    Estimated Dimensions: 5.80-5.75×3.30 mm
    Estimated Weight: Approximately 0.70 carats
    Estimated Color: H-I
    Estimated Clarity: VVS1
    Estimated Cut: Good
    Polish: Good
    Symmetry: Good
    Fluorescence: Weak

    Note: This tank ring can be worn by both women and men.
    Condition: Minor signs of wear

    Weight: 16.57 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • Retro diamond ruby pendantpendentif vintage diamants taille ancienne

    Retro diamond ruby pendant in 18k rose gold (750). This geometric hexagonal pendant features a row of five old-cut diamonds, flanked by two rows of synthetic square rubies. This Retro pendant, dating back to around 1950, hails from France. Vintage pendant.

    Hallmarks: Eagle’s head (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold) and maker’s mark.

    Dimensions: 34 x 17 mm

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.60 carats
    Estimated ruby weight: 0.60 carats

    Condition: Minimal signs of wear

    Weight: 4.88 gr

    *The gold chain is not included with the pendant*
    See our antique chains

  • clip de revers art deco en orClip de revers perles

    Art Deco pearl clip brooch in 18-karat rose and yellow gold (750). The geometric motif takes the form of an L in rose gold, flanked by two bars in different shades of yellow gold. The clip is adorned with 6 white cultured pearls, all of the same diameter, arranged at the ends of the jewel. Dating from the transitional period between Art Deco and Retro, circa 1935/1940.

    Hallmarked with the eagle’s head (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold) and the jeweler’s hallmark for Laurent & Bernard (active in Paris since 1931).

    Dimensions: 24 x 20 mm
    Diameter of a pearl: 4 mm

    Note: this jewel can be worn on the lapel of a shirt collar, a jacket collar or as head jewellery.
    Condition: minor signs of wear

    Weight: 6.4 gr


  • Gold watch tank braceletGold tank bracelet

    Tank bracelet secret watch in 18-karat warm yellow gold (750). This tank bracelet conceals a watch dial under a hidden cover within one of its links. The bracelet is made of articulated gold mesh with circular geometric shapes, representing the bold volume typical of the Retro period. The circular case is concealed by a cover. The dial is signed GERALDY (17 JEWELS), with an enamel background in a nacre ivory color, and the hands and stick indices are in gold color. The movement is Swiss and is signed GERALDY SA. The bracelet is securely closed with a box clasp with a figure-eight safety. This Tank watch bracelet is French, dating from around 1945.

    Eagle head and rhinoceros hallmarks, and the mark of the silversmith (French hallmarks for 18k)

    Bracelet Length: 17.5 cm
    Bracelet Width: 14 mm
    Case Dimensions: 16 mm x 16 mm

    Note: The clasp features a safety link.
    Condition: The watch is not currently functioning and requires servicing (please request a quote); it shows signs of wear (scratches).

    Weight: 43.14 gr

    “Jewelry watch collection”

  • Broche fougère rétro en orRetro fern brooch in gold

    Retro Fern Diamond Brooch in 18-karat rose gold (750) and platinum. This brooch from the Retro period takes the form of two fern leaves, connected by a platinum band set with three brilliant-cut diamonds. An antique brooch, circa 1945, from France.

    It bears the hallmark of the eagle’s head (French hallmark for 18-karat gold) and the goldsmith’s hallmark “EL.”

    Dimensions: 28 x 50 mm.

    Estimated diamond weight: 0.04 carats.

    Condition: shows signs of wear scratches.

    Weight: 8.80 gr