Victorian Pansy locket pendant 

Astonishing French victorian mourning pendant locket to remember the loved one by the pansy’s motif, like a real “thought” and by what it contains: a lock of hair and initials surrounded by a laurel wreath.


Victorian Pansy locket pendant  : pendant or medallion in carved and tinted black wood depicting a pansy flower. It contains on the back a circular plate on which is deposited a delicate pattern made of hair. It represents a laurel wreath surrounding the J-C’s initials, all protected by a coaster. The medallion also contains under the plate a lock of hair, probably those of the loved one. Ring and bail in black lacquered metal (small lacquer jumps). Sentimental French pendant of the 19th century.

Hairs a oftenly used during the 19th century in mourning jewelry or sentimental jewelry, in order to remember the loved one. Hair is a rot resistant stuff, so it can be preserved for eternity and reinforces this message of eternal love.

Height with the bail 50 mm.

Height 37 mm.

Width 32 mm.

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Pendentif pensée Napoléon III

Victorian Pansy locket pendant