Victorian necklace watch chain

Waistcoat chain that can be worn as a double bracelet or necklace, made from braided hair.

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Victorian necklace watch chain, antique jewel that can be worn as a choker. The jewel is made from braided hair, divided into two strands and finely assembled. In the center, a rectangular element decorated with eight-pointed stars and a coat of arms in the center. The clasp consists of a large ring locket and a lobster clasp on the other side. One ring is engraved with the words “Gold Charnier”. 

Jewel from the middle of the 19th century, around 1860. 

These watch chains were hung on vests (hence the name “vest chain” in French) and on the buttonholes of these gentlemen to wear a pocket watch. 

The use of hair as a material in jewelry was made throughout the 19th century. It is a material that does not fade with time.

Watch chains were the most popular sentimental hair jewelry: even Napoleon wore a chain made from the hair of Empress Marie-Louise. 

Dimensions of the central motif: 12 mm x 16 mm Length of the necklace: 40 cm 

Condition: slight oxidation. Perfect condition of the hair.

Weight: 13,35 gr 

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victorian braided hair necklace double bracelet

Victorian necklace watch chain