Victorian milk teeth ring

Sentimental ring from 1900, with a pair of baby teeth. Antique sentimental jewel.


Victorian milk teeth ring in rose gold 18 karats. This antique ring is set with two milk teeth arranged side by side, in closed setting. The design of the ring is simple and without embellishment. These jewels were worn as amulets of protection or to bring luck in motherhood. French ring dating from the late 19th, early 20th century. 

Eagle head hallmark 

Finger size : 54,5 UE or 6.75 US (possible sizing)

Dimensions of the ring head : 4.17 mm x 11 mm

Condition : scratches from use

Weight : 1.16 gr

Historical point : The craze for milk teeth jewelry dates back to the 1860s. At the time Queen Victoria ordered a pair of earrings and a fuchsia flower pendant adorned with the baby teeth of Princess Beatrice. This jewelry is often mistaken for mourning jewelry. However, they are the opposite – a symbol of love, celebration and sometimes an aid to conception. In an era of high infant mortality, the fact that a child is reaching “adulthood” is considered a milestone to be commemorated. For obvious reasons, each piece of baby tooth jewelry is unique and sometimes intricately designed.

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victorian milk teeth ring in gold

Victorian milk teeth ring