Victorian fly sapphire brooch

Rare antique brooch in the shape of a fly, the body in cabochons of shimmering sapphires. The wings are set with rose-cut diamonds.


Victorian fly sapphire brooch in 18 karat yellow gold.

Two sapphires cut into cabochons form the body of the fly. Sapphires are shimmering. 4 rose-cut diamonds decorate the wings in white gold, circa 1860, Victorian period.

BL hourglass goldsmith’s mark for Bijoux Luxe jeweller from Monaco and weevil hallmarks

Height: 13mm
Width: 17cm

Condition: probably 2 diamonds are missing at eye level.
Note: the pin works, with security system

Estimated weight of sapphires: oval cabochon of approximately 0.65 carat; round cabochon of approximately 0.35 carat
Weight: 2,57 gr

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victorian bee fly brooch sapphire and diamond

Victorian fly sapphire brooch