Victorian bloodstone locket pendant

Gold pendant locket with bloodstone, the outline decorated with openwork links. The pendant opens into a compartment to hide a lock of hair or a photograph.


Victorian bloodstone locket pendant in 18 karats yellow gold. The locket is surrounded by an openwork chain motif in relief. Two important blood jasper’s cabochon decorate the pendant locket. It opens into a compartment that can conceal a photograph, a souvenir or a lock of hair, protected by a glass that can be open too. Sentimental jewelry from Victorian period, Late 19th Century.

Bloodstone, also known as martyr stone or heliotrope jasper, is an intense and uniform green stone in which red iron oxide drops are found. Appearing like blood drops it gaves its name to the stone. This stone was often used to make Christ on the cross (or martyrs), and to decorate signet rings.

Height: 3.1 cm
Width: 2 cm
Thickness: 1.1 cm

Condition: wears from use

Weight : 7,75 gr

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Victorian bloodstone locket pendant