Saint Christopher medal pendant

Pre-owned gold medal pendant, featuring saint Christopher the patron saint of travelers.


Saint Christopher medal pendant in 18 karat rose gold. Christian medal depicting Saint Christopher holding his walking stick and carrying Jesus Christ as child. Religious medal pendant of the 20th century.

Marked with an eagle’s head and an illegible goldsmith’s mark, signed by the medallist C.Charl

H. with clasp: 24 mm
Diameter : 1,6 cm

Condition: scratches from use

Weight : 2.38 gr

Theological point: in the Christian faith, Saint Christopher is a big and strong man, who ends up living on the bank of a tumultuous river. One day, a child comes along and the man decides to help him cross the river and carries him on his shoulders. The child becomes heavier and heavier as time goes by. The big man thought that his time had come because the crossing was so difficult, but he miraculously reached the other bank. It was there that the child revealed to him his name and his mission. This is why Saint Christopher is almost always represented as a bent and exhausted man, sometimes leaning on his stick. These medals are traditionally given to travellers and soldiers.

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médaille religieuse en or

Saint Christopher medal pendant