Rooster gold stick pin

Antique tie pin decorated with a rooster with one leg in the air, looking backwards. Antique jewel for men.


Rooster gold stick pin in 18 karats  gold. Tie pin representing a rooster with a leg up and looking back. The sculpture is finely made, revealing the plumage and details of the body of the animal. Antique pin, late 19th century, France.

Eagle head hallmark and illegible goldsmith’s hallmark

Dimensions of the motif : 17.5 mm x 12 mm

Total length : 7.5 cm

Weight : 2.93 gr

More about : The cockerel gathers different symbolism. In the French history, it is in first place the emblem used during the Revolution to represent the angry people. It becomes then the symbol of France which rises from its ashes. From then on, it is represented on the great seal of the first Republic of 1792. During the “Terror” (September 5, 1793 – July 27, 1794), he became the image of citizen surveillance, when the people were invited to denounce all facts likely to threaten the Revolutionary regime. His crowing became the allegory of the alert. In the 19th century, the rooster resumed its role as a fighting animal by appearing on the propaganda posters of the two world wars. In addition to the symbol of the Gallic rooster, it is also recognized in Christianity as the one that keeps away the devil; it becomes a sports emblem from 1909 in France; it is the tenth animal in the signs of the Chinese zodiac and appears in the legends as a beneficial animal whose song makes the demons flee.

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rooster tie pin in gold

Rooster gold stick pin