Retro bloodstone locket pendant


Retro bloodstone locket pendant in gold 18 karats. Vintage pendant locket from the 1940s/50s, set with bloodstone cabochons on each side. The bloodstone, also called “martyr stone” has a closed setting. The oval-shaped medallion opens and can conceal a photograph. Antique Retro pendant, circa 1945.

Owl hallmark

Dimensions (including the clasp): 25 x 14 x 7 mm
Size of a bloodstone: 14 x 10 mm 

Condition : scratches from use, missing protective glass

Weight : 3.36 gr

*The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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Gemological point: Bloodstone, also called “martyr stone” or “heliotrope jasper” is a dark green jasper. Its particularity is that it is strewn with red pellets of iron oxide (inclusions). It is called “sanguine” or “martyr” because its red inclusions are reminiscent of drops of blood. This is why this jasper has often been used to make religious jewellery such as crosses, in reference to the suffering of Christ.

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médaillon jaspe sanguin

Retro bloodstone locket pendant