Mourning sleepers earrings

Lovely antique sleepers earrings set with black glass cabochon, made of yellow gold.


Mourning sleepers earrings in yellow 18 karats gold. Two opaque black glass cabochons imitating jet stone adorn the earrings. Mourning sleepers earrings of the end of the 19th century, worn by women during they long mourning time period.

Horse head hallmark (1838-1919), goldsmith’s hallmark partially erased.

Height : 15 mm
Diameter of the cabochon: 9 mm

Note: the breakage system works. The buckle goes through the back of the ear. For pierced ears.

Condition: a tiny shock on one side of the glass. 

Weight : 2 gr

Gemological point : England is the country where one found the most jet stones, that’s why the fashion of mourning jewels lasted so long there after that Prince ALbert died and Victoria started to wear black mourning jewelry. In France, one could also find some but in less quantity, that is why this fossil gem was replaced by the “verre de Paris”, simply black opaque glass. 

victorian black mourning earrings in gold

Mourning sleepers earrings