Mono Art Deco sapphire earring

Single rose-gold and metal earring set with a natural blue sapphire. Mixed jewel.


Mono Art Deco sapphire earring in 18 karat pink gold and gold-plated metal. Art Deco earring decorated with a natural sapphire of a deep blue color. The square element is in gold-plated metal. The fastening system is in 18k gold. Antique earring, mismatched jewel. Art Deco earring, circa 1935 Edwardian period.

18 karat gold acid tested jewel

Dimensions : 14 mm x 7 mm
Dimensions of the pattern : 7 x 7 mm

Estimated weight of the sapphire : 0,04 carat

Note: the fastening system works, the buckle goes through the back of the earlobe and closes in the front.
Condition: scratches from use, earring sold alone

Weight : 0,42 gr

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art deco mono sapphire earring

Mono Art Deco sapphire earring