Georgian French cross

Antique 18 karat gold bracelet with large curb chain.

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Georgian French cross in rose gold 18 karats (750). This religious cross called “Jeannette” is in hollow gold and of small size. The arms of the cross are smooth, they are elegantly decorated at the ends of an oval and diamond shape. In the centre of the cross there is a circular motif with four petals. The upper part of the cross is shaped like a fleuron and holds a large ring to wear as a pendant. Antique Jeannette cross, early 19th century, Georgian French jewellery.

Marked with a rooster head (1798-1809) Paris, MJD goldsmith’s hallmark 

Dimensions : 34 mm x 24 mm

Condition : scratches from use

Weight : 0.92 gr

Further information : supposed origin of the Jeannette crosses mentioned in the book “Les bijoux des français”: The Observateur des Modes of 1826 gives another explanation of the origin of the name Jeannette cross.  “These crosses were in vogue, forty years ago, because of an actress who, under the name of Jeannette, shared with Jerome Pointu, (the actor Volanges), the favor of the public in Jerome Pointu; but it is not their origin.  From time immemorial, the servants, in our campaigns, carry gold crosses suspended to a black ribbon; one calls these crosses Jeannettes, because they are given or bought at Midsummer’s Day, ordinary time of the changes of condition.”

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antique cross pendant in gold

Georgian French cross