Georgian cut steel brooch

Antique circular brooch in cut steel, very fashionable jewel in England during the Georgian era.

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Georgian cut steel brooch, with a circular shape. Steel nails are facet cut and riveted at the base. These nails mimic the sparkle of pyrite or diamond. Work from the end of the 18th century.

In the 18th century, the most famous cut steel jewelry workshop was located in Woodstock, near Oxford in England. The fashion for cut steel jewelry continued until the end of the 19th century in England and until the beginning of the 20th century in France. This jewelry presents an advantage : it can replace stones and metal. This material, when it’s faceted, has the same sparkle as pyrite, which itself serves to imitate diamond’s sparkle.

Originally accessible to a middle-class clientele, cut steel jewelry became the prerogative of the nobility as soon as it was decorated with porcelain or with blister for example, thus becoming more and more sought after and expensive.

Diameter: 38mm

Condition: the hairpin clasp works perfectly.

Weight: 12.75 gr

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georgian brooch cut steel

Georgian cut steel brooch