English Suffragette brooch 1889

Antique commemorative brooch, suffragette jewellery paying tribute to the founding date of the Women’s Franchise League.


English Suffragette brooch 1889  in matt yellow gold and octagonal shape. The date “1889” appears in the center of the brooch, within a surround of half pearls. English commemorative brooch, late 19th century, most probably made in honour of the creation of the Women’s Franchise League in 1889 in Great Britain. This league aimed to obtain the vote for all women, in reaction to the Great Reform Act of 1832, which excluded women from the electorate by defining voters as “male persons”.

Marked “15c” on the reverse of the brooch, owl mark on the brooch, trefoil mark on the pin.

Dimensions : 1,3 cm x 2,2 cm

Weight : 3,57 gr

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English suffragette brooch in gold

English Suffragette brooch 1889