Diamond and tourmaline signet ring


Signet ring in 18k white gold, set with a beautiful green tourmaline surrounded by two old-cut diamonds.

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Diamond and tourmaline signet ring in 18k white gold. In the center, an oval green tourmaline, also called verdelite, framed by two European old cut diamonds. The three gems are set in a large ring with geometric lines, displaying modernist lines. French vintage signet ring from the 70s.

Owl hallmark

Finger size: 50 EU or 5 US (sizing possible)

Ring head size : 0,7 cm x 1,7 cm

Estimated weight of the tourmaline : 0,75 carat
Estimated weight of the diamonds : 0.17 carat each ; total 0.34 carat

Clarity of the diamonds : VVS1

Condition : Scratches on the ring, chips

Weight : 11,10 gr

Gemological point: tourmaline is a gemstone with a wide range of colours. It can present all the colours of the rainbow. Here are the names of some particular tourmalines:
Rubellite (bright pink to red), Dravite (yellow to brown), Verdelite (light to dark green), Paraiba (neon blue or turquoise with a hint of green), Indicolite (deep indigo blue), Shörl (black), Elbaite: multicoloured, Watermelon Tourmaline (green and pink) and finally Archroite: (colourless).

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chevalière verdelette diamants en or blanc

Diamond and tourmaline signet ring


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