Augis St Christopher medal

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Augis St Christopher medal in 18 karat yellow gold (750). Octagonal medal depicting Saint Christopher helping the infant Jesus to cross a river. The reverse of the medal has no inscription. Religious pendant signed Augis, circa 1960, France

Eagle head hallmark and A.A for Augis goldsmith’s hallmark and A.Augis signature.

Dimensions (with clasp): 23 mm x 14 mm 

Condition: scratches from use

Weight: 2.07 gr

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Theological point: in the Christian religion, Saint Christopher is a tall, strong man who settles on the banks of a tumultuous river. One day, a child comes along and the man decides to help him cross the river, carrying him on his shoulders. Gradually, the child becomes heavier and heavier to carry. The big man thought his time had come, so difficult was the crossing, but miraculously he reached the other bank. It was there that the child revealed his name and mission. This is why Saint Christopher is traditionally portrayed as a bent and exhausted man, sometimes leaning on his staff. He is the patron saint of travelers, soldiers and truckers.

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Augis St Christopher medal