Arthus Bertrand Lamb Medal

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Arthus Bertrand Lamb Medal in 18-karat yellow gold (750 thousandths). On the obverse side of the medal is depicted the Lamb of Cluny, a symbol of Christ, carrying a cross adorned with a chi-rho. Around the edges of the medal is the inscription “IN CELO MAGNUS, HIC PARVUS SCULPOR AGNUS,” meaning “In heaven, I am great, but here I am carved like a little lamb.” The bail is oval in shape. Vintage medal signed by Arthus Bertrand.

Eagle head hallmark and Arthus Bertrand silversmith hallmark (Paris)

Dimensions (including the bail): 25 x 18 mm

Condition: scratches from use

Weight: 3.71 g

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médaille bapteme arthus bertrand

Arthus Bertrand Lamb Medal