Art Nouveau diamond ring

Rare ring from the Art Nouveau period (1895-1910), in pink gold, decorated with a flower set with rose-cut diamonds.


Art Nouveau diamond ring in pink 14 karats gold decorated with flowers adorned with 8 rose-cut diamonds. Art Nouveau period (1895-1910), probably a Russian work.

In antique jewelry, Art Nouveau period is characterized by the inspiration of fauna, flora and also of women. Jewelers of this period are particularly influenced by Japanese art. We often find the same subjects: the woman in profile, the butterfly, the foraging bee, the dragonfly, fantastic animals, the seahorse, the fish, etc. The most popular fine and decorative stones from this period are opal, moonstone, topaz, amethyst, agate, ivory and horn. Finally, enamel is used in all these forms, it offers an infinite range of colors and gives an interesting aspect to the jewel.

Finger size : 56 EU or 7.5 US (adjustment possible)

Total diamond weight : approximately 0.14 carat.
Weight : 2.95 gr 

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engagement ring art nouveau 14k pink gold

Art Nouveau diamond ring