Antique coral stick pin

Antique tie pin decorated with cabochon-cut coral set with a diamond. Antique jewel for men.


Antique coral stick pin in 18k yellow gold and metal. Tie pin adorned with an oval coral cabochon, on which is embedded a half pearl. The pearl is located in the center of the coral. The setting of the coral is 18 karat gold. The pin is in metal. Tie pin dating from the late nineteenth century. 

Jewel tested with 18k acids. 

Dimensions of the coral : 15 mm x 9 mm
Total dimensions of the pin : 7,5 cm

Note: The upper part of the setting is in gold, the pin is in metal.

Weight: 1.72 gr

Gemological point: The coral is a gem of organic origin. Only the branched limestone trunks of some corals are used in jewelry. Coral gets its color from carotene, an organic pigment found in some plants and animals. The color varies from blood red to white, through pink, also called “angel skin coral”. Today, the majority of coral species are protected by the CITES convention because they are threatened with extinction.

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epingle de cravate ancienne corail

Antique coral stick pin