Antique coral choker necklace 

Choker necklace made of rows of coral, with a beautiful regional barrel clasp. Antique jewel

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Antique coral choker necklace in 18 karat pink gold. Rare old multi-ranks necklace, this last one is composed of eight rows of pearls of coral strewn with golden pearls. The necklace is decorated with an important antique barrel clasp in 18 karat gold. The clasp is a box clasp with eight facets decorated with flowers (roses, pansies, strawberries). The coral pearls have a beautiful intense orange colour, they have lines of growth “in flames” well visible to the naked eye and typical of this gem. Antique necklace from the Louis-Philippe Restoration period.

These chokers can also be called dog collars.

Partially erased eagle head and owl hallmark

Length of the necklace : 34 cm

Clasp size : 13 mm x 30 mm

Note: the collar has been rethreaded.
Condition: scratches from use on the clasp

Weight : 47.07 gr

Gemological and legal point: the coral is a gem of organic origin. Only the branched calcareous trunks of certain corals are used in jewellery. Coral gets its colour from carotene, an organic pigment found in certain plants and animals. The colour varies from blood red to white to pink, also known as “angel skin coral”. Today, the majority of coral species are protected by the CITES convention because they are threatened with extinction.

victorian baril gold clasp coral necklace

Antique coral choker necklace