Antique chrysoprase sleepers earrings

Pair of sleeper earrings from the 1900’s, set with chrysoprases and white stones.

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Antique chrysoprase sleepers earrings made of yellow and white 18 karats gold. Two round Chrysoprases of 0,50 carat, set on a white structure with prongs, crowned by 2 white stones. Earrings from the beginning of the 20th Century on which stones must have been changed later.

Chrysoprase is a green monocrystallized chalcedony whose name evokes its color: from the Greek “krhusos” meaning “gold” and “prasinos” meaning light green color “leek”. This natural stone owes its green / yellow color to nickel and more intense green to chrome. Chalcedony is often tinted by humans to achieve a more sustained and intense green to mimic natural stone.

Owl hallmark

Note: rear tie-down system, perched ears.

Height: 16mm
Width: 13mm

Weight: 4,51 gr

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dormeuses vintage chrysoprase calcedonies

Antique chrysoprase sleepers earrings