Antique Bouddha ring

Surprising ring from South East Asia, representing Bouddha in lotus position, set with a diamond and a tiger’s eye quartz pearl.


Antique Bouddha ring : thumb ring in yellow gold and pink 18 karat gold carved with a Buddha in lotus position, in the cave’s shelter, making the vitarka-mudrā gesture, the argumentation’s gesture. Above his head is set an old cut diamond weighing 0.10 carat; and in front of his feet a tiger’s eye quartz pearl. Southeast Asia, late 19th century.

Finger size : 52.5 EU or 6 US (adjustment possible)

Diamond weight : 0.10 carat

Diameter of the quartz bead : 3 mm

Weight : 6.4 gr

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Diamond tiger antique ring

Antique Bouddha ring