Antique 4-band puzzle ring

Antique solid gold four-ring engagement ring, early 20th century.


Antique 4-band puzzle ring in yellow rich gold 22 karats (917) composed of 4 rings that fit into each other, forming a ring. Late 19th – Early 20th Century, Edwardian period.

Unknown hallmark in the shape of an axe, jewel tested.

Finger size : 49 EU 4.75 US (no sizing possible)

High carat gold, gold tested.

Weight : 4.86 gr

Learn more about these rings : the story goes that these rings were engagement rings, which could not be removed, because if they came undone they were impossible to put back in shape. It was then known that the person who wore it had taken it off… Their origin is uncertain, but they exist since the end of the 19th century and they are also found in 6 or 8 rings. If you are curious about these rings that are also called “Turkish ring”, “Harem” or “Devil ring”, take a look at the puzzle museum’s collection.

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4 band puzzle ring in gold

Antique 4-band puzzle ring