How to choose your wedding jewelry ?

The choice of the wedding dress is a crucial step in wedding preparation. However, attention to detail is not limited to the dress itself. Wedding jewelry plays an essential role in crafting the look of both the bride and the groom. But how do you strike the perfect balance between elegance and refinement without going overboard? In this article, we will explore different options for wedding jewelry, focusing on key elements such as antique necklaces, hair jewelry, earrings, and rings, to create a princess bride look.

What antique necklace to choose for the wedding?

When it comes to choosing an antique necklace to accompany a wedding dress, several options are available to you:

With a princess wedding dress

Feel free to opt for a diamond rivière necklace. This necklace adds a touch of timeless glamour to your dress provided you have a beautiful neckline.

If your dress features a V-shaped open back, dare to wear a sautoir necklace that cascades down your back.

collier ancien epoque empire

With a simple wedding dress

If your dress is understated and has minimal embellishments, consider a draped necklace or a string of pearls necklace. The necklace composed of multiple strands of pearls allows for an elegant and traditional style. The draped necklace, on the other hand, provides the decoration that complements your wedding dress.

Alice Dupraz-Toulouse wedding dress, photography coming soon by Natalia, jewelry by Maison Mohs.

With a round-neck or Bardot neckline dress

If you opt for a round-neck or Bardot neckline wedding dress, why not wear a charming antique choker necklace? It will add a touch of chic and modernity to your bridal outfit.

Of course, the choice of wedding jewelry will depend on the style of the dress, the taste, and the personality of the bride.

What hairjewel to wear for your bridal hairstyle?

The bride’s hairstyle is another crucial element to consider when choosing wedding jewelry.

The wedding Hair comb

An antique comb often consists of more than four teeth and allows for holding long hair in place. It can be placed on a low bun, slightly offset to give a romantic style.

Antique silver and pearl wedding hair comb, Maison Mohs

The wedding hairpin

This hairpin is a true headpiece jewel with a vintage touch. With its discreet and feminine charm, this hairpin will be sublime in your bridal hairstyle. It can be a straight pin that also suits all bun volumes.

Alice Dupraz-Toulouse wedding dress, photography by Inès Tano forthcoming, jewelry by Maison Mohs,
model Maéva Bérénice

The wedding tiara or the wedding diadem

Head jewelry par excellence, the diadem and tiara are essential elements of a bridal hairstyle for a ‘princess wedding.’ Paired with a beautiful pair of earrings, they add a royal touch to your bridal attire.

The bridal crown

Simple with a romantic touch, the flower or laurel crown is perfect for a bohemian wedding. It fits very well with hairstyles featuring a tousled effect.

Bridal crown, circa 1900, Maison Mohs

What antique earrings to wear for your wedding?

Earrings are an essential element to frame the bride’s face. With a halter neckline dress, dangling earrings can add a touch of sophistication.

pendants d'oreille anciennes

Boucles d’oreille pendants anciennes en or et imitations diamants, Maison Mohs

Antique earrings, inherited from your grandmother, can also add a special meaning to your wedding attire, while adding a touch of nostalgia.

What ring to wear for your wedding ?

Finally, when it comes to rings, the choice often depends on the engagement ring already worn. An antique solitaire can be an elegant and timeless option, while a simple wedding band often complements the set beautifully. The most important thing is to choose a ring that reflects your personal style and the love you share with your partner.

In conclusion, the choice of wedding jewelry is an important step in creating the perfect bridal look. By finding the balance between different elements such as necklaces, hair jewelry, earrings, and rings, you can create a look that is uniquely you and will be remembered for years to come.

What are the wedding jewelry for men?

While wedding dresses often take center stage, men are not left behind when it comes to elegance and style. Wedding jewelry for men adds a touch of refinement and personality to their attire.

Photographie à venir par Inès Tano, bijoux de Maison Mohs

The collector’s watch

A wedding is an event that marks time, and what better way to symbolize this notion than with an elegant collector’s watch? A well-chosen watch can perfectly complement the groom’s suit while adding a touch of sophistication. From stainless steel watches to leather ones, the choice depends on the groom’s personal style and the overall aesthetic of his outfit.

Antique cufflinks are classic and timeless jewelry pieces that add an elegant touch to a suit shirt. If your wedding suit is rather chic, opt for modernist silver cufflinks with geometric shapes. Go for gold ones with precious stones if your suit has a sober color.

bouton manchette mexico

Pair of cufflinks adorned with Eilat stone, Maison Mohs

The wedding boutonniere

Although often considered a clothing accessory, the boutonniere can also be seen as a subtle piece of jewelry for men at a wedding. A delicate flower matching the bride’s bouquet or a small floral arrangement can be pinned to the groom’s jacket, adding a touch of freshness and romance to his ensemble.

Antique tie clips or tie pins

Often overlooked, tie clips and tie pins are nonetheless essential wedding accessories for men. They elegantly keep the tie in place, preventing any unwanted mess during the ceremony and reception. Antique pins can come in various shapes and patterns, making it easy to find one that aligns with your wedding theme or personality.

Antique tie pins, Maison Mohs

The antique brooch

The antique brooch can also be worn by men. On a simple or elaborately decorated suit, an antique brooch pinned to the lapel or the plastron can have a stunning effect.

In conclusion, wedding jewelry for men are key elements to complement and enhance the elegance of their attire on the much-awaited day. Whether through a collector’s antique watch, a brooch, or more subtle accessories such as cufflinks and antique pins, each piece of jewelry contributes to creating an impeccable and memorable look for the groom.

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