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Pearls have been treasured for their timeless beauty and symbolism for centuries. Two types of real pearls dominate the antique jewelry and jewelry markets: fine/natural pearls and cultured pearls. Although they share a superficial resemblance, there are significant differences between them. In this article, we will examine the key characteristics […]

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Physical Characteristics of a Diamond Composition of a Diamond A raw diamond consists of pure carbon (C) and forms under very high temperature and pressure in the Earth’s mantle. Although composed primarily of carbon atoms, raw diamonds may contain other substances such as boron (B), nitrogen (N), inclusions of graphite, […]

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When you want to purchase antique jewellery from a specialized website, gallery, or jewellery store, you may have questions like, “How can I be sure it’s really gold?” or “How can I verify if it’s a real diamond?” This article will explain how we appraise jewelry at Maison Mohs and, […]

Turquoise is a magnificent opaque blue stone, sometimes blue-green going to green. It takes its name from Turkey, a country it was thought to have come from. We will learn later that it came from Iran, Turkey being at the crossroads between East and West it was in fact the […]