Opal diamond cluster ring

Antique cluster ring set with a precious opal cabochon surrounded by rose-cut diamonds.


Opal diamond cluster ring in 18 karats pink gold. The ring is set with an opal cabochon surrounded by 8 rose-cut diamonds on silver. The rose gold ring is decorated with a rose-cut diamonds on the shoulders. The precious opal is translucent and has a beautiful play of color : pink, orange, yellow, green and blue light. Belle Epoque ring, circa 1890

Weevil hallmark 

Finger size: 55 EU or 7 US (adjustment possible)

Diameter of the ring head : 8 mm 

Estimated weight of stones: central opal, 0.10 carat; diamonds, 0.10 carat

Condition : scratches from use 

Weight : 2,40 gr

Gemology point and beliefs: there are several types of opals: the noble opals and the common opals. The noble opals, like this one, have a play of colours due to the light. It is composed of tiny siliceous spheres aligned and of the same diameter. As the light hits the stone, and depending on the angle from which it is viewed, the opal’s surface plays with light. The common opal does not have luminous games, these spherules are disordered, and of different diameters, the light will only give it a “milky” aspect. In the collective imagination, the opal would have the capacity to make invisible. Hence its designation of « patronus furum » (patron of thieves) at the end of the Middle Ages.

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cluster ring with opal and rose-cut diamond

Opal diamond cluster ring