Gold Love Medal by Augis


Gold Love Medal by Augis in 18-karat yellow gold (750), in a round shape. The symbol “+” is accentuated by five rose-cut diamonds, while the symbol “-” is represented by three synthetic rubies. The medal is surrounded by a laurel wreath motif adorned with floral elements. The pendant bears a quote from a letter by Rosmonde Gérard, the poetess, to her love Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac: “For, you see, each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” Inspired by these two lovers, Alphonse Augis condensed these verses into his “médailles d’amour” as “+ qu’hier – que demain” (more than yesterday, less than tomorrow). This antique French medal is from the 20th century, medium-sized, dating back to around 1930.

Eagle’s head (French hallmark for 18-karat gold) and the goldsmith’s hallmark of Augis, signed “A.A,” with the mark “Déposé” (meaning “Registered”) on the reverse.

Height with the bail: 26 mm.
Diameter: 18 mm.

Condition: shows some signs of wear scratches.

Weight: 3.86 gr

*The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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Antique love medal pendant in gold

Gold Love Medal by Augis