French Victorian enamelled necklace

Antique French jaseron necklace with enamelled barrel clasp, 19th century regional jewellery

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French Victorian enamelled necklace in 18 karats pink gold. The clasp box is oblong with 6 facets. On these facets there are three coloured enamel decorations and three engraved decorations. The first one represents a dog running in the wilderness, enamelled in black and white, the trees enamelled in green; on the second one, a pansy enamelled in black framed by flowers; on the last facet a bird of paradise, enamelled in black and green, is holding an arrow in its beak, framed by blue flowers. The engraved facets adopt the same decoration of a flower in a rhombus framed by laurels. The chain of the necklace is a belcher or rolo chain. 

Clasp: it is cylindrical, it is also called “barrel”, the lock is slit in cross, the clasp is put in one direction or the other to show the part of the clasp you prefer. French regional jewel from the 19th century, Normandy. 

Eagle head hallmark

Length of the clasp: 17 mm
Length of the necklace: 101 cm

Weight: 8,12 gr

Historical point : in the iconography of Sentimental jewel, the dog is the symbol of fidelity in love, it was very popular on the jewels of this time. The pansy is a play on words for “Think of me”, as the verb to think and the pansy flower are the same word in English.

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collier mailles jaseron fermoir bariil émaillé

French Victorian enamelled necklace