Emerald diamonds cluster ring

Diamond emerald cluster ring in 18k gold adorned with a large emerald cut emerald, surrounded by diamonds. Pre-owned ring of the 70’s, from France.


Emerald diamonds cluster ring in white 18 karats gold and platinum (950). In the center of the bezel of the ring, a large emerald is set by four double claws in yellow gold. It is surrounded by ten brilliant-cut diamonds, also in claw setting, and placed at unequal height. The diamond surround is slightly spaced from the emerald. Ring of the 1970s, France. Unique model made to order for its previous owner.

Marked with an eagle’s head and a dog’s head

Finger size : 50.5 EU or 5.5 US (sizing possible)

Estimated gem weight: the emerald weighs approximately 2.77 carats; the diamonds weigh a total of approximately 1.1 carat

Dimensions of the ring head : 2 cm x 1.5 cm x 0.9 cm

Condition: traces of traditional oiling, natural frosts flush with the surface, slight shock to one corner.

Weight : 6.75 gr

Gemological point: Emerald has natural inclusions called “gardens”. This variety of beryl is, most of the time, filled with small frosts composed of water, this is due to its origin either calcareous or micashist, in rocks or veins rich in chromium (giving it its color) and in beryllium (giving it its structure). It is therefore quite common to find these inclusions in this particular stone.
Tip: Emerald has a hardness of 7.5, it is one of the most resistant gemstones along with sapphire (9), ruby (9) and diamond (10). To wash it, a simple bath in water and washing-up liquid is sufficient to remove dust. It is not advisable to use an ultra-sound bath.

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bague marguerite émeraude diamants or blanc platine

Emerald diamonds cluster ring