Amethyst diamond cluster ring in 18 karat yellow gold (750) and platinum. Cluster ring with a large oval amethyst in its center. The amethyst is set in yellow gold and surrounded by sixteen rose-cut diamonds in a platinum beaded setting. Antique ring from the Belle Epoque period (1885-1914), France. It can makes a beautiful engagement ring.

Eagle head hallmark and illegible goldsmith’s hallmark

Finger size : 51 EU or 5.5 US (possible sizing)

Size of the bezel : 15 x 13 mm

Estimated weight of the amethyst : 2,2 carats
Estimated diamond weight: 0.16 carat

Note: natural inclusions of the amethyst
Condition: old setting, scratches from use

Weight : 4.12 gr

Further information : Bacchus, God of wine, crosses one day the path of the nymph Amethyst. Slightly drunk, he goes towards her in panic. She was on her way to the temple of Diana, whom she called for help. To save her, Diana decides to transform the nymph into a cold, pure crystal. Angered, Bacchus throws the bottom of his wine on the crystal, turning it purple. Once sober, Bacchus, ashamed, gave the crystal the power to keep those who wear it from becoming drunk.

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Amethyst diamond wedding ring

Amethyst diamond cluster ring