18k gold tank bracelet


18k gold tank bracelet in rose gold (750). Large tank bracelet with hollow gold links alternating with half-spheres and pyramids. The ratchet clasp is concealed in one of the links. Tank bracelet from the Rétro period, circa 1940, France.

Eagle head hallmark and other illegible hallmark.

Width: 20 mm
Length: 19 cm

Condition: scratches from use

Weight: 57.08 g

Historical point : Retro period jewellery is characterized by the use of yellow gold, the development of 3-D volumes and by the rarity of precious stones. Here we have a perfect example of such jewelry: with this large ball’s volume; the use of pearls – of which there was no shortage at this time – and enamel, thus making it possible to compensate for the lack of precious stone. The Second World War had a considerable impact on jewelry fashion during this period, puting aside the taste for “white”, the “flat” geometric line and the gems’ profusion of the Art Deco style.

*The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

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bracelet tank grosses mailles

18k gold tank bracelet