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  • bague cocktail en orRetro dome ring in gold

    Retro dome pearl ring made of 18 karat yellow gold with Midnight Blue enamel accents. The dome is set with 30 small seed pearls. Pearl size ranges from 2.5 to 3 mm in diameter. Italian work, Retro period, end of the 1950s.

    Owl hallmark

    Dome’s height : 13 mm
    Dome’s diameter: 14 mm

    Finger size : 51 EU or 5.75 US (size adjustment possible)

    Note: an old resizing has been carried out.
    Condition : little oxidation on the ring, minor signs of wears. Good general condition of the pearls.

    Weight: 6.60 gr

  • vintage ring in platinumbague fleur platine et or diamant

    Platinum diamond cluster ring in 18 karat white gold and platinum. In the center, 9 diamonds are set in claws in an openwork radial decoration. Ring from the late Retro period, 60’s – 70’s.

    French dog’s head hallmark, eagle’s head hallmark, illegible goldsmith’s hallmark.

    Diameter of the ring head: 17 mm

    Finger size : 50 UE or 5,25 US (possible sizing)

    Weight : 4,36 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague solitaire diamantring with a fancy brown diamond from Australia

    Fancy brown diamond ring. Fancy brown diamond ring: a solitaire diamond fancy cognac ring in platinum. This ring is centered on a magnificent brilliant cut fancy diamond, whose brown color sparkles with orange. The diamond weighs 0.79 carat and is set with 8 claws. Antique setting from early 20th, certainly reassembled later with the diamond.

    A certificate was established by the French Laboratory of Gemmology on 26/07/2021, of which here are the details below.

    Shape : round – brilliant
    Dimensions : 5,93 – 6,04 x 3,60 mm
    Mass : 0,79 carat
    Color: fancy deep brown, slightly orange
    Clarity: SI2
    Fluorescence: none
    Observations: no trace of treatment intended to modify the color. Additional facets. Witnesses of the shape of the rough.

    Guarantee mark dog head for platinum, goldsmith’s mark partially erased.

    Finger size: 49.5 EU or 5 US (sizing possible)

    Note: The certificate can be provided upon request, it will be sent to the buyer.

    Condition : old trace of sizing

    Total weight of the ring : 2,81 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • broche art deco diamants en platinebroche art deco en platine

    Art Deco diamonds line brooch in platinum 850. Bar brooch decorated with a line of twenty-three  old-cut diamonds , arranged in fall: they join in the centre on a more important diamond. The diamonds are set in grain on a platinum setting in a frame worked with a pearl frieze. Antique brooch from the Art Deco period (circa 1925/1930), French jewel.

    Dog’s head hallmark and illegible and badly inscribed goldsmith’s hallmark

    Dimensions : 5 mm x 77 mm

    Total estimated weight of diamonds : 2.06 carats

    Note : sold in its antique box. The clasp and its security works.
    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 6.40 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • antique dice enamel pendantantique lucky gold pendant dice

    Antique lucky dice pendant in 18 karat yellow gold. Antique lucky charm pendant with white enamelled playing dice, showing the lucky number 7. The two playing dice are framed by a black enamelled line. Antique lucky charm pendant, circa 1900, France.

    Eagle head hallmark

    Dimensions of the medal (including the clasp) : 17 mm x 17 mm

    Condition : scratches from use

    Weight : 0,90 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • bague ancienne émaillée bleu et diamantsbague ouvrante poison en or

    Flower enamel secret locket ring in 18 karat (750) yellow gold. Antique ring with an oval bezel in blue enamelled guilloché on which is applied a silver flower set with eight rose-cut diamonds. A secret compartment is hidden under the bezel, allowing to slip a souvenir. Antique ring dating from the late 19th century.

    Marked with an eagle’s head

    Finger size : 57.5 EU or 8.25 US (can be resized)

    Bezel size : 13 x 4 mm

    Estimated diamond weight : 0.04 carat

    Condition : lack of enamel

    Weight : 2.77 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague in memory ofbague souvenir fleur en or

    Victorian mourning flower ring in yellow gold 18 karats (750). Antique ring centered with a carved sardonyx flower, surrounded by half pearls. The shoulders of the ring are enamelled black and reveal the words “In memory of” in gold letters. Antique memento ring, England, Birmingham, circa 1865.

    Owl hallmark, Birmingham hallmark, 18 hallmark, anchor hallmark, letter T hallmark, woman in profile hallmark.

    Finger size : 54 EU or 7 US (resizing: possible by 1 or 2 sizes)

    Size of the bezel : 10 mm

    Condition : some enamel missing, scratches from use

    Weight : 3.12 gr

  • pendentif plique a jour ArthusArthus bertrand pendentif zodiaque taureau

    Arthus Bertrand Taurus zodiac enamel pendant plique à jour in yellow gold 18 karats. Art Deco medal pendant of the zodiac sign Taurus. The bull is represented in gold with light brown enamel plique-à-jour decoration on a red translucent enamel background. Vintage astrological medal, circa 1960, France.

    Eagle head hallmark and Arthus-Bertrand & Cie (active in Paris) goldsmith hallmark, stamped “France” and marked “18k” on the reverse.

    Dimensions (including the clasp): 27 mm x 20 mm

    Condition: chip and partial crack in the enamel above the bull’s neck (approx.5 mm)

    Weight : 2.55 gr

  • cluster turquoise gold ringbague ancienne turquoises perle

    Dome ring set with turquoise on an 18 karat gold setting.

  • Gold pendant portrait souvenir

    Georgian portrait miniature in rose gold 18 karats. This important medallion in glass and gold contains a painted miniature representing a portrait of a man dressed in the fashion of the late eighteenth century. The medallion opens by the lower part. On the reverse side is an unadorned cloth that would have previously held a lock of hair. Antique pendant, sentimental jewelry probably made around 1790.

    Owl hallmark (French State hallmark for 18-karat gold).

    Dimensions without the clasp: 53 mm x 42 mm
    Diameter of the clasp: 0,9 mm

    Condition: scratches from use, slightly twisted bail, missing the small padlock at the bottom.

    Total weight: 14.09 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*

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  • broche ancienne rubis émaux noirsbroche rétro rubis

    Retro ruby brooch in yellow gold 18 karats (750). Brooch composed of a bar decorated with three half-cylinders with enamelled black triangles and decorated with lines of rubies. Four chains set with rubies hold three pendants also enamelled with black triangles. The whole jewel has 86 faceted oval rubies, totaling approximately 1.21 carat. The suspended parts are mobile. Brooch from the Retro period, 1940s-1950s.

    Owl hallmark, affixed afterwards.
    Dimensions: 50 mm x 55 mm x 8.4 mm

    Total weight of the rubies: 1,21 carat

    Condition: small traces of soldering, some enamel jumps; slight oxidation

    Weight : 15.92 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • bague marquise en or 18k

    An important 18th century marquise-type souvenir ring centred with the initials JO for John Olding.