Religious jewels

Religious jewelry is jewelry rooted in tradition: jewelry of baptism, beliefs, they are often medals, pendants. One finds there under various representations the Virgin Mary, Christ on the cross, the various Saints (Saint Paul, Saint Antoine, Saint Joseph) but also the dove, the Holy Spirit, the regional crosses. Ideal for a gift of baptism, the small medal of religious occasion will be always a pretty present which one keeps all his life.


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  • Gold Art Nouveau religious ringBague ancienne Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau religious ring in 18 karat (750) gold and platinum. Antique ring with a round medal depicting the profile of Saint Therese. The medal bears the inscription “Saint Thérèse de l’Enfant Jésus”. The medal is signed on the left, but the signature is illegible. Art Nouveau religious ring, circa 1915, France

    Eagle head hallmark and Georges PIERRE goldsmith hallmark (active from 1911)

    Finger size: 48 EU or 4.5 US (can be changed)

    Medal size: 8 x 8 mm

    Condition: scratches from use and oxidation

    Weight : 0,83 gr

    *The antique box is not sold with the jewel*

  • Antique st esprit pendant sapphire and pearlsPendentif art nouveau saint esprit

    Art Nouveau Saint Esprit pendant in 18k (750) yellow gold, featuring a finely chased dove with outstretched wings descending from the sky, holding a cross in its beak. The bird is set in a four-lobed surround of twelve fine pearls and four triangular sapphires. The pendant holds a fine pearl. The dove is finely chased on the front and back, revealing its plumage and legs. Art Nouveau pendant, probably Parisian work, similar to that of Emile Touchard, circa 1915.

    Eagle head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold), master hallmark obliterated.

    Dimensions: 43 x 18 mm

    Estimated sapphire weight: 0.92 carat (0.23 each)
    Diameter of fine pearl pendant: 4.56 mm

    Condition: beautiful patina, minor wear scratches

    Weight : 5.05 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • pendentifs austro hongrois en argent émailléPendentif architecture émail argent

    Hermann Böhm Neo-Renaissance pendants, set of two Neo-Renaissance pendants in their original shaped case:

    The first pendant is in polychrome enamelled silver, set with green imitation stones (garnet/glass lining), a garnet and three rubies. A woman playing a lyre is depicted in the round in front of a piece of Antique architecture. The pendant bears 7 fine pearls in pendants at the top and bottom. The back of the pendant is also enamelled and chased. Renaissance style pendant, made by Hermann Böhm at the end of the 19th century, Vienna, Austro-Hungarian work.

    Dog-mark for the silver 800 thousandths, A-mark for the city of Vienna, Hermann Böhm’s hallmark (19th century).

    Height: 7 cm
    Width: 4 cm

    Condition : some enamels missing

    Weight : 18.04 gr

    The second pendant is in polychrome enamelled silver, depicting Saint George slaying the dragon, a famous legend from the Middle Ages. It also has a small pearl pendant. The chain has been replaced. Antique pendant in the Renaissance style, 19th century, Austro-Hungarian work. Attributed to Hermann Böhm (19th century).

    Chain hallmarked 925 silver

    Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 cm
    Total length with chain: 43.5 cm

    Note: the silver chain has been removed.
    Condition: missing enamel

    Weight (including chain): 11.53 gr

    More infos : In Germany and Austria, the Neo-Renaissance style developed in the last decades of the 19th century in parallel with the emergence of a national identity, and took the name Historismus or Historicism.

  • Croix ancienne en orPendentif croix améthyste en or

    Large amethyst cross pendant in 18 karat (750) yellow gold and silver. Large religious cross to be worn as a pendant, set with 19 round facetted amethysts and paste white stones. Religious ceremonial jewellery, late 19th century, southern France or Italy.

    Owl and swan hallmarks (French State hallmarks for 18 karat gold and silver).

    Dimensions: 90 x 50 mm

    Condition: scratches from use, small dents.

    Weight: 28.86 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • pendentif grenats reliquaire en argentantique garnet reliquary pendant

    Victorian reliquary garnet pendant. Antique pendant with a round garnet surrounded by natural pearls. The rest of the jewel is decorated with square garnets and black and white enamelled arabesques. The clasp takes the form of a bow, also set with garnets. A secret compartment opens at the back of the jewel to conceal a small sentimental object (protected by glass). Pendant from the second half of the 19th century, France, circa 1850.

    Boar hallmark

    Dimensions: 40 x 30 mm

    Width: 30 mm

    Size of secret compartment: 14 x 14 mm

    Condition: scratches from use and oxidation

    Weight : 9.94 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • Saint esprit gold pendant and garnetpendentif saint esprit ancien en or

    Saint Esprit du Puy en Velay pendant in 18-karat (750) pink gold.  This regional pendant is made of stamped gold leaf decorated with a stylized bird carrying three garnets as a pendant.  The center of the jewel is also set with a garnet.  Around it, the blue enameled decoration of the jewel has almost disappeared. The Holy Spirit is held at the top by a gold element forming a knot, set with nine garnets.  This antique regional Holy Spirit pendant dates from the beginning of the 19th century, circa 1810, Auvergne, France.

    Erased rooster hallmark (French state hallmark for 18 karat gold between 1809 and 1819).

    Dimensions: 6 x 3 cm

    Condition: missing enamels, a garnet replaced at the bottom, old welds at the back.

    Weight: 5.25 gr

    *The antique box and the chain are not sold with the jewel*
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  • Email de Limoges bijou ancienpendant d'oreille anciens en émail de limoges

    Victorian enamel pastoral earrings in silver-plated metal. Pair of antique ear pendants, decorated with enameled miniatures in a chased metal frame. The miniatures depict a young lady reading, another making a wreath of flowers, a third gathering a bird and the last, a lamb. Romantic and pastoral themes were very much in vogue at the end of the 19th century. The earrings have a screw-fastening system for non-pierced ears. Antique clip earrings, circa 1870, probably Limoges, France.

    Dimensions: 55 x 18 mm

    Note : The earrings have a screw-fastening system for non-pierced ears.
    Condition: small chips on some miniatures.

    Weight : 9.91 gr

  • Croix religieuse chrétienne en orgold christian cross pendant

    Religious gold cross pendant in 18 karat gold (750). Christian cross pendant in hollow gold, decorated with chasing and a flower (in the center of the cross and on each side). Cross pendant, circa 1900/1920, France.

    Partially inscribed eagle head hallmark (french hallmark for 18 karat gold).

    Dimensions: 27 x 17 mm

    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight : 0,68 gr

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  • gourmette de naissance en or

    Baby gold bracelet in 18 karat yellow gold (750). Antique baby name bracelet suitable for engraving. The bracelet link is fine and rectangular, in volume. Gold baptismal ID bracelet, antique bracelet, France.

    Ram’s head hallmark (French state hallmark for 18-karat gold).

    Length: 13.8 cm
    Link width: 2 mm

    Note: the bracelet is blank
    Condition: fine scratches

    Weight: 2.21 gr

  • pendentif porte-bonheur 13 art decopendentif porte-bonheur 13

    Art Deco Edwardian pendant 13 in 18-karat rose gold (750) and platinum. Lucky charm pendant featuring the number 13 at its center, set with 3 synthetic rubies and 4 rose-cut diamonds. These small lucky charm medallions were fashionable in the early 20th century, during the Art Deco period, around 1920-1930.

    Traces of an eagle head hallmark

    Dimensions (including the bail): 21 x 10 mm

    Note : watch the video to get an idea of the size.
    Condition: scratches from use

    Weight: 0.96 gr

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  • pendentif croix ancienne émailléependentif croix ancienne émaillée

    Antique enameled cross pendant in 18 karat rose gold (750). Cross-shaped pendant, featuring on one side the raised Christ on a blue enamel background, topped with the inscription INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum); on the other side, a blue and white enamel decoration with a plant, triangles, and green and red colored dots. The pendant holds three teardrop-shaped pendants (or tears). Jewel from Puy en Velay, a regional Christian pendant from the late 19th century. Auvergne, France.

    Horse head hallmark (1838-1919) and unreadable goldsmith’s mark.

    Dimensions (including the bail): 56 mm x 29 mm

    Condition: scratches, enamel losses.

    Weight: 6.25 gr

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  • croix reliquaire calcédoine en or

    Georgian Maltese cross chalcedony pendant in 14k gold (585). This antique reliquary cross is made of four chalcedony elements forming a cross, held together by a central gold element with delicate engraving. This central element likely originally contained a woven lock of hair beneath glass, although it is no longer present. The pendant has an intricately decorated bail. This Georgian cross t is from around 1820.

    Dimensions: 60 x 34 mm.

    Note: Similar Georgian Maltese crosses can be seen in the Victoria & Albert Museum in England.
    Condition: Missing the central protective glass, some oxidation.

    Weight: 11.26 gr

    *The antique gold chain is not sold with the jewel*
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