Art Deco Jakob Bengel bracelet


Art Deco Jakob Bengel bracelet in chromed metal. Geometric bracelet with rectangular links alternating patterns. Some with geometric lines in silver and gold chrome metal, the other links in brown galathite and chrome metal (also silver and gold). The clasp is a ratchet box. Art Deco bracelet by Jakob Bengel (company founded in 1873), in one of its French company, in Paris, circa 1930.

Mark ” French manufacture Paris 725 “, ” Gilded metal ” and mark of manufacturer BF.

Length: 17 cm
Inside diameter: 5.5 cm

Condition: scratches from use, traces of oxidation, missing gilding and silvering, two links with chips on the galathite.

Weight: 39 gr

History of the jewel: In the years 1920 to 1930, the plastic becomes generalized because it places the jewels within reach of all. Plastic is a material that can be cut and molded, it is a substance that lends itself perfectly to geometric shapes Art Deco. In the United States, George F. Berklander is one of the greatest creators of Art Deco jewelry in plastic.
In France, Auguste Bonaz is known for his combs and jewelry in synthetic plastic. In Germany, Jakob Bengel is the largest user of this material for the creation of Art Deco jewelry.

Did you know that? Galathite is a synthetic plastic material composed of casein, formalin and various dyes.

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Art Deco bracelet jakob bengel art deco jewellery

Art Deco Jakob Bengel bracelet