Double snake Victorian bracelet

Victorian bracelet in the shape of a snake Ouroboros, decorated with a flat garnet. Jewel from the 19th century.


Double snake Victorian bracelet in 18k yellow gold. The chain is composed of expandable and retractable links, in accordion, making the natural movement of the reptile. The ends of the chain are in hollow gold. The clasp takes the form of a snake head catching its tail. The parts are chiseled and decorated with scrolls. A flat garnet adorns the head of the snake and its eyes are set with green stones. The clasp is a ratchet box that fits into the mouth of the snake and becomes invisible. Victorian period, late 19th Century.

Owl hallmark. 

Length : 34,5 cm
Width of the mesh: 5 mm
Dimensions of the central motif (head and tail): 5 cm 

Condition : the hollow gold elements have some wear and tear which have formed small holes on some parts. Slight dent under the head. Restoration to the chain

Weight : 25,43 gr

Symbolic point: this bracelet takes the form of the Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail. This motif embodies eternity, the infinity of nature, the eternal return of all that constitutes the world.

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Double snake Victorian bracelet