Victorian niello souvenir brooch


Victorian garnet cabochon brooch made of twisted silver, pearls and two deep red garnet cabochons. Middle of the 19th Century

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Victorian niello souvenir brooch in gilded silver and silver. This brooch of circular form can receive in its center a photo protected under a glass. The contour is decorated with an openwork frieze in waves. The frieze is encircled by a silver structure altered with silver plated loops. Antique jewel of the late 19th century.

No hallmark, tested silver.

Dimensions: 3 cm x 3 cm

Condition: a movable circle at the back of the spindle allows to hold the picture.

Weight: 6,52 gr

About: Niellage is a technique which consists in applying to gold, silver or copper, a black substance in encrustation. This substance is called niello (or niello, from the Latin nigellus meaning “blackened”), a black metallic sulphide that includes copper, silver, lead or borax.

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Victorian niello souvenir brooch


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