Victorian miniature portrait pendant

Victorian miniature portrait pendant with a young lady painted on ivory in a rococo 18k gold frame inlaid with pearls

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Antique Victorian miniature portrait pendant, quite romantic. In a rococo pattern border made of 18 karats yellow gold enhanced with 5 small imitation pearls is a portrait. It is a miniature on ivory representing a young woman wearing a lace cap and a ribbon. She wears a rose on the top of her dress. She has a pensive gaze, lost in the distance. Its outfit suggests that the medallion was made around 1850 when the cap and shoulders were made of lace.

Note: the medallion does not open, tin welds have been made at the back. They cannot be seen in the front. Also a small gold restoration on the front of the medallion.

Hallmarks: very crushed, there are three, there is a weevil (for gold objects imported in France between 1830 and 1860 approximately); the other two are unreadable. This Victorian miniature portrait medallion is probably of English origin.

Diameter: 3.5 cm.

Total weight: 5.3g

**Pendant is for sale without chain**

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pendentif portrait miniature

Victorian miniature portrait pendant