Early Georgian reliquary pendant


Antique reliquary pendant probably representing James of Zebedee, also called James the Greater. Silver pendant dating from the early eighteenth century.

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Early Georgian reliquary pendant of James the Great in silver. This pendant presents two miniatures on each side. On the front, a miniature on vellum probably represents James the Great, also called James of Zebedee or Saint James. The colors are vivid, James of Zebedee is standing with a book in his hand, leaning on a pilgrim’s staff, probably looking back at Santiago de Compostela. On the reverse side, a cloak and a staff are drawn on a piece of linen or silk fabric. On top is the date 1713. Both sides are protected under thick lenses, held in place by a notched silver frame. Religious jewelry, probably German, from the early 18th century. 

The silver frame has been tested (not determined)

Dimensions : 5,1 cm x 3,5 cm

Condition : Scratches and internal chips under the glasses.

Weight : 19,97 gr

How to recognize James the Great? He is often represented dressed as a pilgrim with a staff, a sack, a hat and a shell. The book is the mark of the apostle as a witness. 

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germand reliquary pendant, james the great

Early Georgian reliquary pendant


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