Antique Victorian navette ring

An antique Victorian navette ring adorned with natural pearls on a 18k pink gold settings



Antique Victorian navette ring: in 18 karat rose gold, it is adorned with 15 natural pearls, the main one measuring 5 mm in diameter. The central bead has been verified. They are in a closed setting on a navette settings. Ring from the second half of the 19th century, Napoleon III or Victorian period.

Owl hallmark

Finger size: 49 US or 4,75 US (adjustment possible)

Length of the ring head: 18 mm
Width of the ring head: 11 mm
Diameter of the central bead: 5 mm

Note: Some traces of tin on the back but no visible restoration. Perhaps a consolidation of the settings. The pearls have slightly different colors, some more yellow, whiter or grayer than others.

Weight: 3.3 gr

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Antique Victorian navette ring