Antique Art Deco cufflinks

Antique Art Deco cufflinks made of silver, mother-of-pearl and pearls. Edwardian period, circa 1920

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Antique Art Deco cufflinks with mother-of-pearl and pearl, from the beginning of the 20th century, circa 1920.

Circular silver buttons centered with a half-pearl inlaid in a gray mother-of-pearl button. The mother-of-pearl has very beautiful play of pink and green. Sold with an antique box.

Note: Not hallmarked, acid tested for silver. The inlaying of the pearls in the mother-of-pearl being difficult, the locations around the pearls are not perfectly circular. One of the pearls is a little worn. Metal tie rings

Weight: 6.06 g
Diameter of a button: 14 mm

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Boutons de manchette vintage Art Deco

Antique Art Deco cufflinks