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1900 antique ring

Gold antique engagement ring circa 1900. An antique ring from the late victorian period, beginning of the edwardian era with lovely curves


Antique 1900’s ring in 18k yellow gold adorned with 2 white pearls of 2 millimeters in diameter each and framed with 2 small diamonds cut in roses. These ring designs mixing pearls and rose-cut diamonds were often offered at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century for engagement. They have a lot of charm with their Art Nouveau curves. The small diamonds are in a platinum setting and the two pearls have a slightly different color.

French work, owl punch for vintage jewel.

Finger size: 51 EU or 5.5 US (size adjustment possible)

Weight: 1.51 gr

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1900 antique ring

1900 antique ring