Focus on : Wiener Werkstätte jewellery (1903)

The Wiener Werkstätte is an Austrian association founded by Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and L. Bauer. Its purpose: to create autonomously in the field of architecture, decorative arts, entertainment, but also jewellery . “WW jewellery” is a gentle blend of German Jugendstil and Art Nouveau: a geometric rigour, a taste for colour contrast and an attraction for silver. Designers used hazelnut and heart-shaped floral motifs, as well as coral for decorative gems (a legacy of Bohemian folklore). Thus, artists such as K.Moser, O.Dietrich, F.Delavilla are more in the German vein. Rozet & Fischmeister, J.Hoffmann and Carl-Otto Czeschka lean towards French Art Nouveau.

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