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The Wiener Werkstätte is an Austrian association founded by Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser and L. Bauer. Its purpose: to create autonomously in the field of architecture, decorative arts, entertainment, but also jewellery . “WW jewellery” is a gentle blend of German Jugendstil and Art Nouveau: a geometric rigour, […]

Vivianna Torun, finally a woman ! One of the first to break into the silversmiths world in the 20th century. Her fame is due to her excellent mastery of silver, a material from which she holds fluid and curved movements. Fascinated by swirl, bend, curve shapes, she creates sinuous jewelry […]

Gerard Sandoz comes from a famous family of jewelers, he began to design jewelry when he was a teenager. He fastly became one of the inventors of “modern jewelry” in the mid-1920s. Sandoz’s creations were inspired by mechanics, speed and machine. He chooses to use less expensive materials: lacquer, onyx, […]

Georges Lenfant started as an apprentice in jewelry-making at a very young age and very quickly set up his workshop in Paris, rue des Petits-Champs, a few steps from Place Vendôme, where he worked for the greatest names before starting to sign his creations. He worked in close collaboration with […]

Eugénie O’Kin Jubin was a renowned table maker in France in the 1900s. 🇯🇵 Born in Japan, she witnessed the opening of her country to the world. O’kin lives between two cultures with a French father and a Japanese mother. This gives her a special sensitivity to the arts and […]